Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 3 - Bitch Mode

OK, I am in a funk x 10. I am not sure what is going on. Perhaps Mo Nature is rearing her ugly head. Dunno. Don't want to lift. Don't want to run. Don't want to do anything but each nachos. Of course I am not eating nachos and I will be lifting soon with my trainer who will undoubtedly help me feel better.

Grrrr. Grrrr. Grrrr.


  1. Had a GREAT workout with Robin. I know that sometimes when my mood is at it's worst my exercise will be fab and help me crawl out of the ditch. It worked!!! Thanks Robin~for the workout and for acting like a little kid on the GTS (FREAK).
    That whole "Just Do It" has power behind it.
    I will grill chicken tonight and package meals to help stay on track.

  2. Good job. Good blog. Keep it up.